Discover the science behind the Wheel of Awareness with this short video, including exclusive clips of Dan Siegel doing his meditation at Sir Isaac Newton's apple tree!

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ThinkNotts is a holistic event inspired by the 1993 Washington DC experiment that saw thousands of participants use meditation to bring about a more peaceful community. Founded by the Unplugged Space team (Sue Cooper, Self Care World, Chu Kat Martindale, Tigerboe Holistic Care and Sunita Passi, TriDosha).


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Integrative health communities, views from an Elder.
Our very own Sue Cooper on Sharing the Vibe, a health and wellness podcast series, run by Gloria Kimberley and producer Paul. Sue talks about how she went from burn-out and having panic attacks to the art of living well and her bedrock, meditation. She became a student of Deepak Chopra and travelled far and wide to understand different types of indigenous cultures and the healing modalities they use.


Robert Culpepper interviewing our Founder Sue Cooper on integrative communities and her work as Health & Wellbeing Ambassador to the Nottingham High Sheriff.